Deliron Shop Mazak Intergrex e670H (5-Axis machine) Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex s 7106 Coordinates Measuring Machine (CMM) Deliron Shop
Deliron Manufacturing

Deliron Mfg. was originally established in 1993 to build race car parts for the family racing team. In 1997 we invested in our first CNC machine to be able to produce more complex parts. Then in 2000 we purchased our first new Mazak CNC and have purchased an additional twenty-eight CNCS and various other machines since that time. We currently have nineteen machines on our floor and employ some of the best people in the industry. We rotate our machines out every four to five years to stay up with the latest technology.

What started out as a 5000 sq. foot shop has grown into a 30,000 sq. foot, under one roof. We now have a climate controlled inspection room. We manufacture parts for a number of different industries including oil and gas, electronics and marine to just name a few.

Our machining capabilities now include: 1 Mazak e670, 5 Mazak 510 40x20x20 four axis mills, 1 Mazak HCN 5000 horizontal mill, 1 Mazak 250 MSY lathe, 1 Mazak 250 MY lathe, 6 Mazak 250 lathes, 2 Mazak 100 lathes, 1 Mazak 350X60 lathe, 1 Mazak 350 MYx80 with steady rest, 2 water jets, 3 universal grinders (for new and reworked plungers), 1 Kingston 34 x120 Manual lathe, 1 Kingston 24 x 120 Manual, 1 Bridgeport, and Pressure test facility up to 22,500 lbs. Please call us for any of your large or small manufacturing needs.

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